1st Place - $1000
2nd Place $750
3rd Place $500
4th Place $250


Tournament Rules

  1. Entry Fee: $250.00 per team/boat 3 or 4 anglers. Early entry fee $200.00 (before May 1, 2016)
  2. Fishing Hours: Safe Light to 4:00pm
  3. All teams/boats may NOT start earlier than 7am, if so, team/boat is disqualified from tournament.
  4. Scales open at 10:30am.
  5. Boats must be inside the lock at The Marina at Cape Harbour, and visible to Weigh Master, for weigh-in by 4:00pm; late arrivals are disqualified from tournament. Exception to this rule: Your team/boat assists a disabled tournament boat, disqualifying the disabled boat.
  6. Mandatory Captain’s Meeting, Friday, May 27, 2016 – Location:  The Pavilion at Cape Harbour
  7. All fish must be caught by hook and line, and by only members of your team.
  8. All team members must obey all State of Florida Fishing Regulations, including Size and Bag Limits.
  9. Fishing assistance from another boat, chumming and/or spotting is PROHIBITED.
  10. Wading is permitted.
  11. Line size is Angler’s choice.
  12. All teams/boats must maintain a distance of 100 yards from the other boats in the tournament.
  13. Each team/boat may weigh in two (2) Redfish.
  14. Redfish are measured 27 inches overall with pinched tail to determine legality of fish.
  15. Winners are determined by combined weight of two (2) fish, and ALL fish must be released alive, out of the bin. Fish not alive at weigh-in will not count. Fish must swim away on its own power to qualify for weigh-in.
  16. The FIRST team/boat to weigh-in will be considered the winning team/boat, in event of a tie on weight.