1st Place - $1000
2nd Place $750
3rd Place $500
4th Place $250

Chase’s Story

Chase battled TCell leukemia for over 2 years and lost his battle on March 2, 2014.

Chase had 2 years of chemo and then a bone marrow transplant on Jan 9, 2014, however he relapsed 37 days later. Even through all of the hard times he faced, you would be hard pressed to find him without a smile on his face. Chase was always looking for the positive in a tough situation and encouraged us to do the same. He thought more of others than himself even though he endured more than any one person should ever have to. He continually would ask to take the toys he would get and give them to other kids that didn’t have any. He had a heart of gold! He has inspired our family and hundreds of people everywhere. At 8 years old he had the courage, strength, and appreciation we can only hope to achieve in our adult lives.

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